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The Revolutionary Four Day Report of Findings

The most effective and workable system of getting new patients and retaining them. Learn from the doctor that had the largest Chiropractic practice in the United States.

  • Raise your Patient Retention
  • Get Patients to Commit To Long-Term Care
  • Become a Master of Paitent Education
  • Get Client's to Pay Up-Front for Care

Revolutionary 30 Day Trial

  • Collect Money Up Front

    Collect Entire Payment Up Front

    No more waiting for payments and possibly not getting paid. When you master the Four Day, you will be able to collect the entire treatment plan program payment up front.

  • Payment Plans Over Time

    Payment Plans Over Time

    Would you rather collect payment for the treatment program over time? You can. With the Four Day, you can set up payment plans and maintain a steady stream of income.

  • Get More Patients and Retain Them

    Get More Patients and Retain Them

    The key to any successful practice is new patients. The Four Day will train you to be a master in keeping getting and keeping new patients.

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    The Tools For Success

    The Revolutionary Four Day Report of Findings gives you the tools you need to get and retain more new patients. Many clients that complete the Four Day retain over 95% of their patients.

  • Become a Master in Client Education

    Become a Master in Client Education

    Learn from Dr. David Singer the exact steps you need to educate your patients to the advantages and benefits of Chiropractic.

  • Chiropractic and Acupuncture Versions

    Chiropractic and Acupuncture Versions

    The best part of the program is that it can be used by Acupuncturists as well as Chiropractors. By using the methods provided, all healthcare professionals can become masters.

Conversion - Premium Landing Page

The Revolutionary Four Day Report of Findings

You can have a fantastic marketing program bringing in new patients by the bucket load, but without effective retention and true patient education, your practice will not grow.

If you are experiencing a “revolving door” of patient visits, then the ALL NEW, completely updated Four Day Report of FindingsTM is just what the doctor ordered for your practice.


The Four Day has been completely redone from the ground up and includes DVDs, audio CDs and a manual with all the information you need to know to become a blackbelt of patient education and retention. Learn Dr. Singer’s Four Day Report of Findings with this Audio/Visual product containing both DVD and Audio CD training, showing you first-hand, how Dr. Singer handles a patient’s health and financial concerns so that patients not only request

corrective care, but they will DEMAND it!

Improve your patient retention and have happy, healthy patients, committing to long-term care, using this exact technology, available only from David Singer Enterprises.

The Four Day Report of Findings (reg. $599), the Flash Cards (reg. $199) an the Patient Education Day 2 & 3 presentation (reg. $199) have been combined to give you everything you need to effectively implement the Four Day into your practice. When you purchase all three together (reg. $999) you pay only $499. But wait, if you sign up right now, we will let you try The Revolutionary Four Day Report of Findings FREE FOR 30 DAYS! We're so confident that you will love the Four Day that you will only pay us if you decide to keep it.

To order your copy right now, click HERE.

  • Four Day Flash Cards (DC)

    Train yourself and any staff member on what to do when for each step of the Four Day Report. The result: An efficiently trained staff who know the Four Day Report COLD!

  • Patient Education Days 2 and 3

    This Powerpoint presentation allows you to educate individuals or groups of new patients on the brain's function and how it relates to the nervous system and the function of the body.

  • Singer Health Reports

    Each month you will receive a dozen new Singer Health Reports on our new Singer Health Reports website with information covering the benefits and the efficacy of Chiropractic and Acupuncture along with the dangers of drugs and medical incompetency.

  • How Chiropractic Works Flipchart

    This PowerPoint presentation is an alternative tool you can use to educate the new patient on the most vital educational concepts they need to understand on each day of the Four Day Report!

Success from using The Revolutionary Four Day Report of Findings


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